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We create attention-getting marketing that delivers results

Want More Buzz?
Then you need a marketing team that is agile, creative and effective. At BumbleBee, it’s our business to create buzzworthy attention for customers. Our proven processes and multi-industry expertise means we can market your business more effectively.
  • In business since 2001.
  • Over ten years developing award-winning Partner Programs.
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients.

The hive is buzzing at BumbleBee Marketing Services!

BumbleBee has been awarded the Be BOLD Team Award from Cisco’s America’s Field Marketing group (2nd place). As they define it, being bold means challenging for new outcomes and creating positive disruption. The award illustrates the power of nurturing (in this case via a newsletter and portal) to create positive buzz, credibility and to generate results. Last year, we earned the One Cisco/All Together Award for our Cloud Connections marketing programs.

You Name It, We’ve Done It!

At BumbleBee, we take on any challenge.
  • We don’t play football, but we do know the right moves to get celebrities like John Madden on our team.
  • We work like Mad Men—but save the martinis for after hours.
  • Our office isn’t as fancy as the West Wing, but we did help get a city Mayor elected.

We Know What Works. Watch our marketing introduction video: