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A new year brings new marketing packages that help you get seen online

  • 5 January 2016

We hope the new year brings you sweet success!


It’s a new year, and we’ve got new marketing packages: website development and optimization, search marketing and paid amplification. Recently, we’ve noted a big increase in the demand for marketing solutions that use SEO to make sure target audiences can find businesses, and this year we decided to package the most popular ones for our clients.


Website Development

We can create a new website or improve your existing one with an eye-catching design and relevant content. Whether you need a simple site with five pages or a more robust site with landing pages and ecommerce, your website will be fully search engine optimized, so your solutions can be found by your target audience.


Website Optimization

It all starts with a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the areas where your website could be working harder to attract new customers. We do everything from onsite optimization (keyword strategy and mapping) to offsite optimization (making sure content outside of your website links back and improves your search engine placement.)


Search Marketing

It’s no accident when prospects find your company by searching on Google, and we have the right skills to make sure you get top search results. We can also take it to the next level with dynamic remarketing. You know how those killer shoes you browsed keep showing up in your feed like a long-lost friend, until you have to buy them? That’s dynamic remarketing, and it works for B2B, too.


Paid Amplification: Get Seen by Advertising on Social Media

Paid amplification is becoming more important to companies reaching out to prospects on social media. Last year on Facebook alone, non-sponsored content dropped off of users feeds by 44%, thanks to their new algorithms. These days on any social media outlet, including the top B2B outlets (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) if you don’t advertise, you just won’t get seen. There are a lot of ways to advertise, including paid content placement, social ads, and promoted posts, and we know the ideal methods to reach your prospects.

If you’re looking to get seen more often in 2016, give us a call. We’ve got a variety of options to fit your needs.