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BumbleBee earns a Cisco AFM award for being BOLD

  • 8 October 2015

We like to be bold here at BumbleBee, and so we are really excited to have been awarded the Be BOLD Team Award from Cisco’s America’s Field Marketing group (2nd place). As they define it, being bold means challenging for new outcomes and creating positive disruption—and Rainmaker, the team project we were part of and recognized for, did just that.

rainmakerRainmaker is a first-of-its-kind program that nurtures AT&T and Cisco key stakeholders through ongoing training, webinars, demos, onsite meetings and monthly /quarterly emails and then brings this deep level of knowledge to customers through briefings and meetings. We’d like to extend a congratulatory shout-out to Cisco’s Dianne Bruno, who earned the Be Bold Individual award for leading this project. Rainmaker was selected out of 50 nominations in four categories.

For Rainmaker, Bumblebee created a co-branded Rainmaker newsletter that pushes information out to the AT&T and Cisco communities and directs them to a portal, which is a one-stop-shop for all joint selling tools, news and materials. The Rainmaker portal has reporting capabilities that allows the client to see what users are viewing and how often they are sharing the information. Results have shown that top selling reps are the ones visiting and redistributing information the most often.

The award illustrates the power of nurturing (in this case via a newsletter and portal) to create positive buzz, credibility and to generate results. If you’d like more information on how BumbleBee can “Bee” Bold for your business, give me a call.