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Create a Customer Win Program that Delivers Powerful Sales Tools

  • 2 March 2016

Success stories that come from key customer wins are amongst the most valuable sales tools you can have. They not only grab your prospect’s attention by telling a compelling and relevant story, but they give you instant credibility, whether told through a slide or two in a salesperson’s deck, a case study, a video, a press release or an article.


Of course, creating these tools takes a focused effort. Here are some of our key success factors for managing customer win programs.


Be focused: Identify target customers
Managing a customer win until it results in the creation of an asset takes time, effort and resources, so be sure you are spending those resources on the right wins. Focus on a specific product or solution, industry, and/or target market. Your criteria could also include deal size, company size or specific types of measurable results.


Be noticed: Get champions on board
A successful customer win program must have key executive buy in. Salespeople are busy bringing in the next great win—as they should be. Getting them to spend the time to share the customer’s story can be challenging without champions driving the effort.


 Be consistent: Start early and persevere
Once our clients have identified targeted wins, we work closely with sales and marketing teams to track new deals that fit the profile as soon as they hit the radar, even sometimes before they have closed, because contract negotiations can include gaining commitment from the customer to provide a testimonial or reference.


Some customer wins might happen quickly: the deal closes and the client is ready and willing to provide a testimonial. But others, especially more complex enterprise solutions, have dozens of people involved and will require a longer, more sustained effort. We take these wins in stages, gathering deal information in a backgrounder and delivering an internal summary slide for the sales teams to reference. Then, we continue to pursue external references, which we will use to create a case study, video or press release.


We keep the process moving through weekly meetings with key team members where we review the highest priority wins, discuss the obstacles and opportunities, and brainstorm ways to keep each win progressing. We track everything on a master win dashboard, so all team members can see every contact, interaction and status.


If your customer win program isn’t getting the traction you’d like, we can help. Contact me: