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Make Your Demand Generation Program Soar

  • 29 July 2014

bee-in-flightDid you know that it should be aerodynamically impossible for bumblebees to fly?

But, of course, they do: And your demand generation programs can really take wing, too, with careful attention to a few of our best practices.


  1. Address the proper persona
    Focus on key decision makers in your target market or industry. If you have an installed base, offer more functionality. If you are going after new prospects, become a trusted advisor by delivering valuable content.
  1. Get their attention
    To create a campaign that will compel your audience to take action, start with a relevant message and an offer they can’t pass up, and wrap it in a unique, attention-getting concept and creative.
  1. Touch them multiple times
    Develop a conversation and nurture a relationship. Reach out through more than one vehicle: use email, direct mail and social media.
  1. Be organized
    Create and follow a detailed launch plan for organization and scheduling. Follow that launch plan. Debrief after the campaign to streamline the processes for next time.
  1. Measure and improve
    Use microsite analytics to track emails with outbound and inbound click analysis, follow microsite visitors with reverse DNS. Rich media with talking, scrolling and interactive surveys inspire response. Analyze each survey question.

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