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Why You Should Turn Your Marketing Inside Out

  • 14 July 2014

Everyone spends a lot of time and resources going OUT – outside of the company—to attract new customers.

But it’s just as important to go INSIDE.

Think of it this way: Your business is like a hive that’s full of customers buzzing about your great products and services. It takes the right the programs and processes to harvest all of that hard-earned honey.

For example, some customers may have equipment that is nearing end of life. Others might not be aware of your new products or services. And in some cases, you may be over looking key purchasers within your customer’s organization.

Inside Out marketing capitalizes on these untapped sales opportunities. Through sophisticated data mining and analysis, we get better account penetration and are able to create campaigns that are more personalized and relevant to the recipient.

Here’s one recent example of a BumbleBee client that needed to get the word out to existing customers about their cloud computing solutions. However, some of their installed customers had old equipment that prevented them from taking advantage of the new technology. We recommended an Inside Out campaign that focused on end-of-life.

  • We developed an accurate, targeted list using methods of data mining that pinpoint the right people with equipment that needs to be upgraded.
  • Then, with the input of the client, we divided the list into A-listers, who were the top 100 prospects, and B-listers. A-listers received a highly personalized attention-getting mailing delivered by FedEx or hand carried by the salesperson. B-listers received an email campaign with similar offers

Here to the Cloud Generic Letter

  • We created a compelling call to action. Letting customers know that their equipment was in danger of becoming unsupported was certainly compelling, but we coupled that with an appealing discount if they moved right away.
  • The final hook was a special incentive. In this case, we gave a copy of a book that the target audience found interesting.

The next time you are evaluating demand generation campaigns, consider going Inside Out.