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Don’t Just Mark That Milestone: Market It!

  • 16 June 2014

Did you ever consider what a great marketing opportunity lies in a major business or professional anniversary?

That fact is, marketing a milestone is a terrific way to reach out to clients and prospective customers. It not only gets peoples attention but gives you a chance to tout your well-earned expertise and send some appreciation to loyal customers.

 So, that being said—It’s BumbleBee Marketing’s 13th Anniversary!

Photo Credit: cakejournal.com

Photo Credit: cakejournal.com

We attribute our 13 years of success to hard work (busy as bees), consistency, and delivering everything our clients need to get lots of buzz. At 13, we’ve been in business longer than Facebook or LinkedIn, but we’ve kept ahead of the latest marketing trends. We’ve also never forgotten the basics of good marketing.


As a special anniversary celebration, we’re offering clients 13% off your next marketing campaign.

We look forward to showing you what the buzz is all about!