BumbleBee Marketing

But first, let me take a selfie: Combining social media and a fun fad to gain better alignment between sales teams

  • 10 February 2015

At BumbleBee, one of our core competencies is working with companies and their partners to help them gain stronger alignment between sales teams. We’ve approached this in many ways, from creating joint value propositions that resonate with both companies’ customers to developing sales tools and conducting training road shows that deliver innovative approaches to selling.

Sometimes, a great solution is right in front of our faces—literally. Recently, we launched a “share-a-selfie” program: a fun and engaging way to help salespeople get on the same page. The objective is for a salesperson to take a selfie with their channel counterpart and share it through social media (in this case, through a special Twitter hashtag) and when they do, they can win prizes.

We know what motivates many salespeople: They are competitive and they love to win. So we are making sure they can easily see how many selfies their peers are posting, and we award prizes to those who participate the most. The first 10 salespeople to post win a selfie stick, and the person with the most selfies wins a Go Pro video camera.
ec94fa2ed4efb220cf5761f7f50a765556e7932611342c5b1cba10e542bcb037Who says alignment can’t be fun?