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Get the most out of your customer wins

  • 14 August 2014

Are you getting the most impact from your customer wins?

We’ve helped clients create everything from in-depth case studies to short customer win highlights and they’ve been delivered through all kinds of vehicles: print, web, social media and video.

Video is particularly good, and we recommend you use it whenever possible. There’s really nothing more powerful than hearing and seeing the customer talk about how your product or service has improved their business.

3 Minute Win Video for AT&T and Cisco
We create customer win videos for AT&T and Cisco as an ongoing program. The videos are short—only a few minutes long—but powerful. Their goal is to get the word out about the success of their close-knit partnership, and how their solutions give customers the best possible outcome. Their audience is predominantly internal: spreading the good news to both sales teams and executives, but it could be easily adapted for external use.

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