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The Battlecard: A Key Strategic Sales Tool

  • 9 April 2014


Clients often ask for our help creating useful sales tools, and we’ve delivered dozens of different types, from customer win videos to datasheets to white papers and many more.

A battlecard is basically a brief cheat sheet that helps sales strategize their client approach, in a highly focused at-a-glance format.  Generally, it’s a document that is narrowly focused and delivers all the critical information sales needs on one page.

Battlecard topics include, but are not limited to: competitive and proprietary product overviews, key sales messages, or marketing strategies. They are also excellent for helping a channel sales force that needs to quickly understand the value of partner solutions.

This year, we’ve delivered a record number of battlecards, and we hear from clients that they are really hitting the mark.

What’s your experience with battlecards? Do you use them?

What are some of your other favorite strategic sales tools?