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Generating leads through social media nurturing: The balance between getting attention and giving valuable content

Get a little, give a little…it’s a great motto for any endeavor, especially for generating leads through social media nurturing.   GET A LITTLE ATTENTION When you consider that tweets have an average lifespan of 18 minutes (Moz) it’s no surprise that standing out and getting attention is key to generating interest on social media. […]

Telenurturing is the new telemarketing

No one likes getting telemarketing calls, and  statistics prove it—9 out of 10 top-level B2B decision makers do not respond to cold outreach.   Telemarketing doesn’t work well because it’s not relevant or personal, and today’s business decision makers seek solutions from trusted advisors. However, qualifying “cold” leads is still an important first step in nurturing […]

Where are you on your social nurturing journey? We recommend four key elements for success.

Social nurturing is critically important to generating more engagement and relevant conversations between customers, prospects, channel partners and salespeople. In fact, with enterprise solutions that have longer sales cycles, engaging early and often is the key to being remembered when it comes time to purchase.   I’ve blogged about it before, and over the past few […]