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But first, let me take a selfie: Combining social media and a fun fad to gain better alignment between sales teams

At BumbleBee, one of our core competencies is working with companies and their partners to help them gain stronger alignment between sales teams. We’ve approached this in many ways, from creating joint value propositions that resonate with both companies’ customers to developing sales tools and conducting training road shows that deliver innovative approaches to selling. […]

Get the most out of your customer wins

Are you getting the most impact from your customer wins? We’ve helped clients create everything from in-depth case studies to short customer win highlights and they’ve been delivered through all kinds of vehicles: print, web, social media and video. Video is particularly good, and we recommend you use it whenever possible. There’s really nothing more […]

The Battlecard: A Key Strategic Sales Tool

Clients often ask for our help creating useful sales tools, and we’ve delivered dozens of different types, from customer win videos to datasheets to white papers and many more. A battlecard is basically a brief cheat sheet that helps sales strategize their client approach, in a highly focused at-a-glance format.  Generally, it’s a document that is […]