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  • A car dashboard is an elegant thing, both simple and profoundly important. At a glance, it shows how quickly you’re heading toward your destination, and how efficiently you’re getting there. These days, it will even tell you if you are heading in the right direction, or if there are more effective ways to get where you’re going.


    The same is true when marketing your business.


    You need a social nurturing dashboard when you are doing demand generation programs via email, direct mail, or social media (or a blend of all three, which is often the case) because you need to see where you are going and if you are getting there the best way possible.


    That’s why we create a social nurturing dashboard for our clients’ campaigns. At its highest level, we show the big picture—opens and clicks—but we also get under the hood and deliver all the details behind those numbers (see the tabs at the bottom? There’s a ton of data there for a deeper dive).



    The social nurturing dashboard is a critical resource that gives a simple summary and detailed insights, and allows us to gauge the effectiveness of each stage in the social nurturing journey, so we can make changes and enhancements on the move for maximum results.


    If you’d like to know more about how we can help you create more buzz through social nurturing programs, contact me.


    Ellen Pensky: 925.699.7921



    Photo © Sergey Kohl | Dreamstime.com

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