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Communities are part of your life and should be part of your B2B marketing strategy

Not long ago, a community could be defined as the people who lived in the same place as us—quite literally, our neighbors.

These days, everyone has connections that go far beyond the people we see while walking down Main Street. We have many groups of like-minded folks with whom we share personal and professional interests. Thanks to social media, many of these connections are virtual, and because of that, our communities are far-reaching and global.

WHY COMMUNITIES ARE IMPORTANT IN B2B MARKETING You already know that content is important in B2B marketing—think of it as a one-way street, creating compelling content that you push out to your audiences. There are good reasons to do this, not the least of which is establishing thought leadership.

Community is important because it’s a two-way street. It takes great content and turns it into opportunities to engage your audience by exchanging information, sharing knowledge, and discussing ideas. There are many kinds of online communities, from support forums to organizations like Spiceworks, where IT pros network and share information.

Just like with forums and networking sites, these communities are branded and recognizable. There is a “news” aspect to it, but it goes beyond merely pushing content. Members can share content with each other, customers, and prospects. They can discuss and comment on the content, and there is a portal—one central location—where they can find whatever they need. Just like taking that walk down Main Street, some community members merely observe, but many participate more deeply, and that’s the goal.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you build meaningful communities, contact me here: ellen@bumblebeemarketing.net.

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