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Fresh off the boat from Cisco Live!

I’m fresh off the boat from Cisco Live in San Diego, which attracts thousands of IT professionals who gather to learn the latest trends and technologies with events focused on Cisco products, solutions and services.

It was a week that was jam-packed with exciting events where we helped Cisco partners entertain and educate their customers. Our clients hosted many events over the week, from a cruise to a wine tasting to sales training—even VIP suites at a rock concert—all with the purpose of getting conversations started with peers and customers. We even put together a promotion that helped one partner rise above the noise and get traffic to their booth, nearly doubling their target numbers.

It was a fun, busy and exciting time, that for me, was capped by the opportunity to talk to a Cisco audience about hot trends in marketing and how they can leverage those trends to improve their results. I’ll post about that in more detail next time.

If you’d like to know more about how BumbleBee can make your event or marketing promotion more successful, contact me at: ellen@bumblebeemarketing.net.

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