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Leverage a social nurturing platform to build relationships and increase sales

We all know that buyers are more educated and astute than ever before. They research solutions online and through social media, frequently evaluating vendors long before they end up in your sales pipeline.

Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly important to deliver regular, reliable content that engages people in relevant conversations in order to establish yourself as a trusted advisor. We’ve found that the most effective way to do this—and the easiest to manage—is through a social nurturing platform.

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There are a number of platforms on the market that do this. The BumbleBee Social Nurturing Platform makes it easy to create an interactive, mobile-friendly, socially enabled client branded communication that combines the best of social interactions and promotions to generate more business. We nuse it for our own marketing efforts, and we create programs for our clients that:

Generate engagement and conversations between customers, prospects, channel partners and salespeopleHelp businesses be remembered at purchase time: our client has an ongoing relationship and is not “just another vendor”Build relationships with sales teams by giving them valuable information they can share and empowering them to sell more.

Our six steps to social nurturing success

1. Define the target audience and list As with any marketing effort, a good list is key. It’s important to understanding your audience to determine the content and promos that will get them engaged.

2. Design your social communication Your social communication should reflect your brand and identity, and can include a reward program to encourage social sharing.

3. Content is king: We suggest a mix of three types Curated Content: Relevant content from outside sources: subject matter experts, industry experts, analysts, OEM sites, websites, etc.

Original Content: Content you already have or create and post to blogs, put in marketing materials, etc.

Promotional Content: Include a multi touch nurturing demand generation activity such as a webinar, event, special offer, ROI tool, or free assessment to get the reader to take an action.

4. Distribute content on a regular basis We recommend weekly distribution for 3-6 months for targeted campaigns and longer when you want to establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

5. Reporting You will want to know, in real-time, how the content and promotions are performing. Also, a leaderboard is a great tool to encourage salespeople or partners to track how they are doing and so you can rank and reward engagement.

6. Telemarketing follow up A successful program often includes prioritized telemarketing to those contacts who take an action, and follow up to further qualify leads.

To see examples of others who are using this platform, or if you are interested in taking advantage of these tools, please contact me at ellen@bumblebeemarketing.net

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