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Networking to Make a Connection That Counts

We’ve all heard of six degrees of separation—the concept that everyone in the world is separated by only six people. Sometimes, however, it only takes two degrees of separation to make a connection that counts.

As this article from Businessing points out, going to events like conferences, where you only meet others in your industry or with shared interests, could be short-sighted. Connections happen everywhere.

When my daughter was in high school, I did pro bono work for the marching band, and met a lot of parents over the years—and several became clients. Last year, our local newspaper ran an article on BumbleBee. That led to a connection with a local charity, which led to another connection at a local credit union that needed marketing help.

Look at your contacts in a slightly different way, and you’ll make connections that count. For example, you might be at a trade show talking to potential customers and realize they would make a perfect solution partner or reseller. Your vendors are also a great source of meaningful connections—not only is it good for your business to have good relationships with your vendors, but it’s an opportunity to discover who they do business with. Chances are, their customers could become your customers.

Let’s make a connection that counts. Give me a call and see what we can do for your business.

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