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Partnerships are relationships: Making a difference for our clients

Eric, Ellen and Erik.

It’s not a new series on Netflix, or a law firm.

Eric, Ellen and Erik are three business professionals with complementary strengths, and we are putting our heads together to deliver more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

We recently announced that BumbleBee formed a strategic partnership with Nurture Marketing. It’s my opinion that at its core, partnerships aren’t just about two companies coming together. Partnerships are about people: they are about the expertise and synergy that happens when people come together and create something bigger than the sum of their individual talents.

Erik Frantzen, Eric Rabinowitz and I have the kind of business synergy that has been beneficial to our clients for years. This year, we formalized that relationship with the Nurture Marketing/BumbleBee partnership. I am excited to add their knowledge and experience to the expertise of my BumbleBee staff.

I met Erik Frantzen five years ago through my work with Cisco. I was (and still am) impressed by his knowledge of Channel Marketing and his dedication to helping companies improve marketing effectiveness both at a strategic and tactical level.

He’s now President of Nurture Marketing, where he oversees inbound and outbound marketing, target market analysis and profiling, channel marketing and strategic plan development.

Eric Rabinowitz, the CEO/CMO of Nurture Marketing, is a respected thought leader in tech marketing and consulting. He built his practice on the philosophy that life is about relationships, and that nurturing client relationships can lead to the strongest, most lasting and satisfying connections.

I’ve always sought to surround myself with professionals whose knowledge and experience doesn’t merely duplicate mine but enhances and extends it. For example, 15 years ago I met Kyle Ogden and Rich Costa, and was so impressed with their creative talent and customer focus that we’ve worked together on hundreds of client projects ever since. They are now co-owners of Ogden Costa Creative Group and his team works closely with our BumbleBee team on client projects.

At the end of the day, I feel that partnerships like these are important mostly because of what they enable us to do for our clients: offer the best possible programs and strategies to help their businesses thrive.

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