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Telenurturing is the new telemarketing

No one likes getting telemarketing calls, and  statistics prove it—9 out of 10 top-level B2B decision makers do not respond to cold outreach.

Telemarketing doesn’t work well because it’s not relevant or personal, and today’s business decision makers seek solutions from trusted advisors. However, qualifying “cold” leads is still an important first step in nurturing a relationship, but it’s time-consuming, and let’s face it, no salesperson likes making 50 cold calls a day.

Telenurturing is different—We use a technique that reaches out to prospects with personal, valuable information that is a mix of localized, one-to-one calling and personalized emails. Often, the purpose of the call is to follow up on offers of valuable assets like white papers or events such as webinars. The point is to add value, not hard-sell.

HOW IT WORKS The telenurturing process is personalized and relevant. The message comes from a real person, perhaps a member of your sales team, and then they record a voicemail and craft an email from them. The voicemail and email go out at the same time. (The call is made from a local area code, which increases effectiveness by 80%.)

If we reach a live person, we connect them to a telemarketer trained to engage the prospect. Traditional telemarketing can only reach 40-60 people per day, but with recorded telenurturing we reach up to 250 per day. Every touch leads back to your inside sales team, who get a warm, interested prospect, ready to have a meaningful conversation.

If you’d like to learn more about how telenurturing can help you reach your sales goals, give me a call. I promise to answer personally: Ellen Pensky, 925-699-7921 or ellen@bumblebeemarketing.net.

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