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Want a powerful call to action? Tap in to assessments, surveys and polls.

With the presidential election just days away, polls are on everyone’s mind. We might be growing a bit weary of hearing about the election, but I’ll give you one good reason you should be thinking about polls, short surveys and assessments: They are great calls-to-action for your demand generation campaigns.

While white papers and analyst reports are excellent offers, it can be daunting for a prospect to download so much information, especially if they are early in the discovery process. Polls, short surveys and assessments deliver instant satisfaction, are quick and easy to for a customer to do—and, let’s be honest, everyone likes talking about themselves and their own business issues.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that “assessments are more likely to grab our attention and get clicks,” and they’ve found that 20% of survey respondents used assessments to research B2B purchase decisions in 2014.

Another big benefit of assessments, surveys and polls is that they start the conversation with your customer from the most important perspective—theirs. They enable you to understand your customer’s business and challenges before you pitch your solutions and how you can help them. It’s so much more effective then simply pushing information at them and trying to guess if it’s meaningful or irrelevant.

At BumbleBee, we use several methods to assess what customers need, and this short survey is a great place to start.

Give it a try! Take our short survey and we’ll show you how we can help.

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