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Where are you on your social nurturing journey? We recommend four key elements for success.

Social nurturing is critically important to generating more engagement and relevant conversations between customers, prospects, channel partners and salespeople. In fact, with enterprise solutions that have longer sales cycles, engaging early and often is the key to being remembered when it comes time to purchase.

I’ve blogged about it before, and over the past few years, we’ve delivered many social nurturing programs. Our experience has helped us identify four key elements to a successful social nurturing campaign: research and strategy, a compelling incentive, a social nurturing calendar and project management and reporting.

We’ve taken these elements and put them together in a Social Nurturing Suitcase. It’s packed with everything clients need for a successful social nurturing journey.

The Guide: Research and Strategy Prepare for your social media journey with research into the top experts and analysts covering your solution and the key social media outlets for reaching your audience. In most cases, your company already has an audience through your executives who post regularly or blog (evangelists). Our goal is to expand upon that by engaging evangelists in simple and intuitive way.

The Roadmap We engage evangelists through a roadmap that makes it easy for them to post the right content regularly. It’s more than just compelling content: Your evangelists can simply click and post text and images formatted to fit all your chosen social media outlets.

The Incentive An incentive helps your social nurturing message stand out and get noticed. We’ve used contests, giveaways and special events with great results. Providing a valuable asset such as an infographic or analyst report also increases the value of your message.

Project Management and Reporting As with any campaign, it’s important to monitor and fine-tune the messages as the campaign unfolds. We use a variety of reporting mechanisms to tell us who’s posting, reposting and sharing content to determine the effectiveness of each message. We also capture valuable lead generation information when they take an action like downloading an asset or entering a contest.

We customize our Social Nurturing Suitcase to suit each client’s needs. If you’d like to find out how we can help you get more out of your social nurturing programs, give me a call.

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