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Why you should amplify demand generation with social media

There are many reasons for a company to participate in social media: brand recognition, customer service and, of course, creating demand.

But in B2B, social media is often overlooked for demand generation—and, at first, the logic makes sense. After all, no one purchases complex technology or enterprise solutions by clicking on a Twitter offer. Customers leverage social media and online search for researching potential solutions, but for demand gen? Not so much.


In B2B, email still reigns supreme as a demand gen vehicle: McKinsey ranks it as 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media. So why bother with social media for demand generation?

Because email isn’t interactive. It’s a good way to get your white paper or industry analyst report out to your target audience, but people don’t engage with email the way they do with social media. When you expand your offer or content to social media, you get instant amplification of the message and your content becomes sharable, and can generate comments, discussion and input.


Amplifying your demand generation message on social media also gives you an added boost of familiarity—your audience will see the same call to action and eye-catching graphics in email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. By touching customers multiple times, you’ve gone beyond a simple email blast—you are now nurturing your customers, which is exactly the tactic that works well for the longer sales cycles of B2B. And you’re doing it without filling up their inbox or telemarketing them to death. (For some interesting stats on the importance of lead nurturing, check this out, from HubSpot.)

You can even take that awareness to the maximum level through Google Ads and remarketing tactics, and telenurturing. (If you haven’t heard about telenurturing and the death of telemarketing, check out our post on it, here.)

And why wouldn’t you do it? Social media is free, unless you promote or sponsor your post—which we highly recommend, unless you have a huge following. Even then, the cost/benefit ratio is easily managed because you can control your spend through bids and pay-per-action.

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